WES Special Rental

Ilahu snowsurf, Snowscoot, Splitboard

Experience and connect to nature first hand by surfing thru snowy hillsides and steep forests. Reawaken your playfulness and surf the snow with Ilahu’s snowsurf or ride the groomed slopes with a snowscoot.

Ylläs offers endless possibilities to experience true off-piste snow surfing on the fjells around the resort, or having fun in the resort’s well maintained slopes.


Ilahu snowsurf board

Powder surfing represents a return to the timeless pleasure of gliding, propelled only by gravity. The lack of bindings allows free exploration of how stance and position affect the ride. The experience is simple yet infinitely enjoyable. Ilahu boards are designed and made in Finnish Lapland with love and respect for crafting natural materials.

Rental fee is 30€ for one day.
Price includes a single Ilahu snowsurf board with a leash.


Snowscoot is a type of winter sports gear that could be likened to a cross between a bicycle and a snowboard. The rider maneuvers it with handlebars to glide over snowy slopes, and gets an enjoyment that differs from both skiing and snowboarding.

Rental fee is 36€ for 4 hours, or 45€ for one day.
Price includes a single snowscoot.

And then some..

We also have various types of gear available for different levels of backcountry excursions, please contact us for more details!